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Creative Cure is a creative agency specializing in graphic design, branding, photography, and videography solutions. Creative Cure is based in Southern Illinois and established its roots in designing web and mobile ads for the entertainment and advertising industries. Creative Cure Weddings is the newest Creative Cure brand offering some of the same top notch services specifically for weddings. Creative Cure has a well rounded and diverse team with experience in the fine arts and design fields of printmaking, graphic design, animation, photography, painting, and drawing.

Our mission is to provide innovative graphic design, branding, photography, and videography solutions to our clients with a stunning and inspirational impact.

  • We’re mindful.

    We make choices with clear intentions and care about the environment and well-being of our community.

  • We’re personable.

    Communicating with us is painless, and you might even enjoy it.

  • We’re efficient.

    We place an emphasis on clear communication and use a highly effective project management system to keep us on track.

  • We innovate.

    We strive to bring something new and fresh to the table in all we do.

  • We inspire.

    We want our work to spark a positive change that doesn’t fade away.

Meet the team

  • Photographer. Musician. Timid dancer.

    Dustin Morrison


  • Motivated. Open minded. Contagious laugh.

    Carla Lund

    Senior Designer

  • Artist. Social butterfly. 98.9% optimistic.

    Lindsey Kraniewski

    Administrative Assistant

  • Pro snuggler, expert burrower, sweater junkie.


    Office Mascot

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Creative Cure Weddings is your one-stop-shop for custom wedding day coverage and graphics. We've got an exciting new lineup of packages for photography, videography, and invitation design. With a whole team of designers, photographers, and editors, we take weddings to a whole new level.